Workshop 5



Under the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Japanese Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry, the United States Department of Energy, Okinawa Prefecture, and the State of Hawai’i, to develop and deploy clean and renewable energies as the “Hawaii Okinawa Clean Energy Cooperation” in June 2010, there have been multiple activities focusing on the possibility of cooperative projects relating to the introduction of clean energy. One of the projects in accordance with this partnership is the ocean energy symposium, held annually since 2010.



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Kumejima Access

Okinawa Map

This event will take place at the Gushikawa Rural Development Center on Kumejima, Okinawa, Japan. Kumejima is acessible by several flights per day operated by Japan Airlines or its subsidiaries (JAL, JTA, RAC). There are also two ferries per day from the Tomari Terminal in Naha.

Please be aware that due to the many related events taking place, flights and hotels will be limited. We suggest early booking to ensure access. If flights fill, there is a possibility of additional flights being added to accomodate travlers. In addition to several hotels, Kumejima also has a vairety of homestay, hostel, and alternative lodgings. If you would like help in making a hotel reservation, please let us know.

For information on lodging on Kumejima, please use a travel agent or visit

Event Access

Event Location

The event location can be reached by bus from the airport, taxi, or rental car.

Kumejima Town Gushikawa Rural Development Center

730 Nakadomari, Kumejima-cho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa 901-3124 Japan

TEL 098-985-2444

Town Bus

・From Kumejima Airport:

Airport Line(Towards Town Hall) - Get off at "Nakadomari" Stop, walk north about 10 minutes.


・From Ferry Port:

Airport Line(Towards Airport) - Get off at "Nakadomari" Stop, walk north about 10 minutes.

Circle Line(Left Loop) - Get off at "Kumejima Nishi Chuugakko Mae" Stop, walk south about 2 minutes.


・The Bus Timetable is available on the Kumejima Town Website (jp).