Since 2010, when the Japanese Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry, the United States Department of Energy, Okinawa Prefecture, and the State of Hawai’i signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to develop and deploy clean and renewable energies as the “Hawai'i Okinawa Partnership on Clean and Efficient Energy Development and Deployment,” there have been multiple activities focusing on the possibility of cooperative projects relating to the introduction of clean energy. As one of the activities, ocean energy workshops were held annually and included themes such as economic development, education, and resiliency. In 2020, Okinawa Prefecture will expand the theme to Clean Energy in general and hold a workshop in Okinawa (web format).


Symposium Agenda

Download:7th Ocean Energy Symposium & Workshop Agenda (pdf)



September 16, 2016 (Friday) 13:00 - 17:00

September 17, 2016 (Saturday) 9:30 - 16:00


Gushikawa Rural Development Center


Day 1(9/16)

AM:    ・Optional Kumejima Tour


Okinawa Deep Seawater Research Center


Okinawa OTEC Demonstration Facility


Deep Seawater Industries

PM:    ・Welcome and Introductions


・Keynotes on Renewable Energy Strategy

Regional Energy and Revitalization (Tentative)

US Renewable Energy Strategy (Tentative)

・Workshop Overview & Current Status

State of Okinawa Hawai'i Clean Energy Cooperation

Hawai’i State’s 100% Renewable Energy Strategy

Hawai'i County's Renewable Energy Strategy

Kumejima's 100% Renewable Energy Plan

Development of Ocean Renewable Energies in Japan

Current Status of OTEC Projects in the World

Day 2 (9/17)

AM:    ・Opening Remarks and Overview of Previous Workshops

・Latest Developments towards 1MW OTEC(1)


3 Year Operation of Okinawa OTEC Demo. Plant

105kW OTEC Plant at NELHA

NEDO Ocean Energy Development Project (OTEC)

・Latest Developments towards 1MW OTEC(2)

NELHA Seawater Quality Monitoring and EIA

Life Cycle Assessment on OTEC and DSW Use

Kumejima: A Model for Sustainable Islands

Okinawa DSW Cascade Use Demonstration Project

Education on Environment using OTEC and DSW

Community Outreach: Education and Business

PM:    ・Lunch

Presentation by Exhange Students

Presentation by Award Winner of National Tournament in Independent Science Research in Elementary School 2015

・Subgroup Discussions

Group 1:Technology for 1MW OTEC Project

Group 2: Environmental Impact Assessment and Life Cycle Assessment

Group 3: DSW Industries

Group 4: Education and International Cooperation

・Panel Discussion


Related events are listed below.

Related Events

Kumejima Town- Hawai'i County 5th Sister City Ceremony




September 16, 2016 from 18:00

Resort Hotel Kume Island, Kumejima Town

With the first and second largest deep seawater intakes in the world, and also operating the only fully functional OTEC demonstration facilities, these two locations became sister cities in 2012. This year celebrates the fifth anniversary.

2016 Kumejima Hawai'ian Festival




September 16, 2016 18:00~21:00 and September 17, 2016 18:00~21:00

Resort Hotel Kume Island (Friday)・Eef Beach Hotel (Saturday)

Since 2011 Kumejima has held this annual festival. This is a lively event with Hula teams participating from around the world. Organizer: Kumejima Tourism Bureau